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Sunday, 10 August 2014

More Photo From Miyyo

its has been a long time that we didn't heard any news from miyyo right .. so now admin will post all the latest pictures of miyyo okey ~

Monday, 21 October 2013

MiyyO RizOne HoT CoMeBack WiTh NeW FrEsh ImAgEs

Miyyo@OneRiz already back renewed his contract with the previous agency with a fresh style compared to the previous style. now miyyo preparations resurrection in modeling world. after a long break now miyyo rise to progress towards success. so, to that miyyo fans out there, i'm the admin for this club hope that u always support miyyo in his career !!! Go MiyyO ! Do The BeSt !!! n WELLCOME BACK ~

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Miyyo RizOne Last PhotoShot

last fotoshot session Miyyo RizOne as Model
miyyo afterwards will takes a break for a while because he have to enter the korean language classes and dance classes. So wait for the MIYYO RIZONE comeback ok ! FAIGHTINGG !

Latest pictures Miyyo RIzOne @ OneRiz to the fans

Latest pictures Miyyo RIzOne @ OneRiz to the fans

Miyyo RizOne temporary resting

It has been awhile you all do not hear about Miyyo Rizone right.
Miyyo very busy with his activities but does not mean he stopped in his career. Miyyo rizone very busy with korean language classes and dance classes. So the modeling activity stopped for a while. That is not an end to the Miyyo RizOne career , but this is a way to expand her career to the world. So the fans are out there , do not stop to support Miyyo Rizone ok! because Miyyo RizOne will make the COME BACK soon ~

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

MiyyO ThE ZOmBiE

Scary right ~ this is our miyyo when becoming a zombie.
miyyo peaches were taken when preparing to celebrate haloween party organized by his agency.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Miyyo Rizone BlogReaders has Increased from day by day ~

wow! fanclub blog readers Miyyo Rizone has increased from day by day
admin had a week to make a study and found that more than 19990 to 59890 who visited this fansclub. indeed unprecedented-thought that fans miyyo rizone progressively from day by day ~ gratitude. e-mail sent by fans are also on the increase from 5678 to 18.834 per day. to anyone who has just recognize miyyo rizone or become a fan do not forget to always support her career ok. send your love through your pure heart. Thank <3

Miyyo Self-Cam

sure you all eagerly await the latest news about oneriz right?oneriz now busy with hic picture sessions for advertisements and fashion shows in the country and also abroad. Admin received many e-mails from readers and followers  Miyyo Rizone @ OneRiz stating that they eagerly await the latest news about Oneriz. do not worry because even oneriz busy with work, oneriz love all of her fans. daily schedule miyyo rizone @ oneriz was heavy with shooting activities and fashion shows, even more when in 2012 rising to an end. growing end of 2012 more and more advertising and fashion show had oneriz attend. now admin publish latest pictures from oneriz for his loyal fans who look forward to each day oneriz picture. Oneriz with his self-Cam when met with a friend of his best despite having a hectic schedule but oneriz enlarge the time for his friends.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Miyyo RizOne back with a new image of Maturity

Sure Miyyo fans had long waited eagerly for the latest news on his right. . . Miyyo apologize to the fans because busy with work and not able to tell the news to his fans. Because of this late Miyyo received offers busy with commercials and fashion shows abroad.

This is the latest style that Miyyo had gayakan to one of the clothes displayed unturk magazine themed "Street Style". Miyyo handsome right? the agency has been set miyyo the latest image with the theme "Bad Boy Style". Ullzang miyyo first known as the cute, but now Miyyo be called a mature Ullzang. although fixed maturity Miyyo Ullzang cute and mature in the fans hearts, so fans should always support the career Miyyo miyyo ok! The agency believes the carriage miyyo this new image to attract more fans and that the fans are not bored with the image.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

OneRiz will attend T-ara ShowCase on 3/10/12

OneRiz will attend T-ara Showcase tomorrow at Vision hall PGRM Tower, Kuala Lumpur on 10/03/2012 8:30 pm Malaysia time. For OneRiz fans, let go see a T-ara concert successfully ok. OneRiz will be in the VVIP (Lovey) at the concert.

Date: October 3rd, 2012 (Wednesday)
Venue: Dewan Wawasan Menara PGRM, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 8:30pm