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Monday, 12 November 2012

Miyyo RizOne back with a new image of Maturity

Sure Miyyo fans had long waited eagerly for the latest news on his right. . . Miyyo apologize to the fans because busy with work and not able to tell the news to his fans. Because of this late Miyyo received offers busy with commercials and fashion shows abroad.

This is the latest style that Miyyo had gayakan to one of the clothes displayed unturk magazine themed "Street Style". Miyyo handsome right? the agency has been set miyyo the latest image with the theme "Bad Boy Style". Ullzang miyyo first known as the cute, but now Miyyo be called a mature Ullzang. although fixed maturity Miyyo Ullzang cute and mature in the fans hearts, so fans should always support the career Miyyo miyyo ok! The agency believes the carriage miyyo this new image to attract more fans and that the fans are not bored with the image.

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