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Monday, 27 August 2012

OneRiz Reveals His Cosmetic Surgery

OneRiz has reveals his Cosmetic Surgery. it is the picture before and after cosmetic surgery OneRiz. circumvention is if OneRiz told that surgery is not painful. 1 year OneRiz takes time to get of cosmetic surgery, and day after day of feeling pain for the fitting of cosmetic surgery with him. but this is the result. surgery was successful and get the look OneRiz heaven. OneRiz make cosmetic surgery on the chin to make v shaped chin, make sharp nose, made ​​his eyes big and eyebag remove. OneRiz do this cosmetic surgery before getting the title as Malaysia Ulzzang Generations. The cost of this surgery is a bit higher that the risk is high but OneRiz believe that in this way he was able to increase confidence. OneRiz not afraid to take risks because OneRiz believe that with the advent of modern medical facilities in times now and specialist doctors cosmetic surgery can materialize his dream despite knowing that his life probably died during surgery due to bleeding a lot. many are comfortable with the new look OneRiz after this surgery and attract many fans.

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